This page in my journal was a challenge I did for Jouranal52..
I do like painting backgrounds so started out that way.. I used Acrylic paint. I have never ventured into collage much so decided to do the house out of scrapes. The tree I drew then colored with my very new Derwent Inktense pencils. ( I won after completing a set of lessons offered by the Art Academy). They are really nice to work with.. I used a smooth paper so the color is not as intense.. I stamped the vegetation across the front, and distressed the edges.

I just noticed that my house is crooked…. Made me smile actually… I think there is verse or song that says’ there is a crooked house , on a crooked road ‘ or something like that.. so I found it…
Hope you enjoyed checking in

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Well I have decided I will post some new ‘stuff’ on this blog….I have not been very consistent.

This time I will post a an Art Journal Page I did this week.. It is inspired by a calendar page I have had for ages.. and never thought I would have the courage to actually try to do it!!!!! After watching
Mixed Media Mondays with Tracy for the last while and how she creates her great creations, I thought why not!!!!
It was really fun to just paint and see what happens….and…. not be so structured…
Nature  Prompt 25

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Stained Glass

Well it has been ages since I posted anything so I hope that I can remember what to do…..
I am trying out 2 challenges in this card.. One is the Limbo Lettering and the other is a Stained Glass technique. The Frugal Crafter had a U tube on this and she had a stamp for the stained glass look but I do not have one but I used my chicken wire embossing folder as a stamp and I kind of like it… Colored the image and then used several coats of embossing powder to give it the stained glass look.
I used some very small graph paper I have for the lettering…just so I could get the height of the letters right…
Anyway here it is…
With God

I will have to keep posting just so remember if I can.. would love to hear you comments….

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It has been ages since I posted anything.

This prompt from Jounal52 was to make a mandala.
It was so much fun. I used my new pen-Pilot Perma Ball- which I love for my doodling
and tangles. I then colored in the design with my watercolor pencils.
I will be trying some other mandalas for sure. I like the structure and am enjoying
all the different designs on the Journal52 site
The quote I used is one Emerson’s
“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us.”

Hope you like it and will try one out… Thanks for looking


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My First Gelato’s

I just received my Gekato’s yesterday so just had to try them out. I am so not getting the abstract concept in my head so decided to try following Limor Webber Designs U tube. It all looks so easy to her and I enjoy watching her…
I love how the Gekatos blend and how they react with water… My first thought was I should not have started with a canvas…Duh!!!.. Anyway I plowed forward… I did not have the leaf pattern she had so decided I could maybe just create some of my own… That went fairly well and the gelato’s colored them fairly well. That idea actually came from The Frugal Crafter. She made her own template.
Mediums used were Gelato’s, Modeling paste, Cheese cloth, texture stamps and my new big brush pen. O yes the Signo white pen was also used..
I can see lots of things I would differently if I tried it again… but that is not a concern right now.. I will post as it and wonder why !!!!!
Your comments are appreciated and treasured. love to hear some pointers as well…..
My first Gelato

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April Showers

I have tried to do 2 challenges with one card so this is one that is full of new experiences for me.
The one challenge YCDI312 asked for us to use a new technique. MIX64 asked for April Showers….
I wanted to try the watercolor paint using the salt sprinkles, letting it dry and to see what happened.. It did not turn out like I anticipated but I think I should have the background darker
to TRY and create the rain I used my uni-ball white pen to make streaks angled helter/ skelter down the page to create rain… well it kind of worked.. then added some flowers. The puddle just needed the little duck….
Not The best card I have created but because I tried to do many different things.. It will pass my inspection… LOL
April Showers

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Fun Tags

It seems I still have a few things to learn and thanks to Sandee and my daughter Yvonne , I will see how their student passes the test….!!!!!! This computer technology is a challenge

I did have fun with these tags… I even did some layering…. (sprays, colored some modeling paste with Magicals, stencils and acrylic paint, Inka Gold and a gold colored pen.) It was a lot of fun…

Now to see if I can get my web site posted correctly and all will be good….. Always up for a challenge. Wish me luck..
fun tags

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Fridge magnets

I have been busy making some fridge Magnets for The Art Abandonment challenge….. I had some little wooden shapes that I painted and also some small canvas’ so did some simple scenes on them with a small quote… I have to package them up and tag them so I can actually do my first abandonment.. Should be fun.
Fridge Magnets (2)

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Roses and Daisies

So I think I should redeem myself after that last post!!!!!
This time I really wanted to try a painting from scratch…. I have had this calendar for ages and the pictures are so pretty of flowers and birds… I thought it would be so nice to be able to try and paint something similar….. Thanks to Kathy Arbor. and The Frugal Crafter and their teaching, I decided to try it out.
The calendar is huge so I tried to get the same idea onto a 6X4 watercolor piece of paper….
I am actually very pleased with the result… I never thought I could sketch and then paint something to remotely look like that….
I had some water color backgrounds so decided to use them and then back to my faithful acrylics for he flowers and birds…. I am now wondering… do I outline them in pen or just leave as is.. Please say what you think…. The afternoon just flew by but I did enjoy the effort….
I enjoy your comments….
Roses and Daisies

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Party Animal?

Journal52 Prompt15 was so fun…. I got carried away with just having fun. I have had a bunch of animal stamps that a Splitcoast friend sent me a couple of years ago so just went to town thinking of the different characteristics and tried matching them up with party goers behaviors was just fun..
It was also fun just to play and use the different mediums in the process.
The background is acrylics applied with a credit card. The coloring of the animals was mostly with my colored Sharpies. Doodles with my sharpie fine point and my Uniball white pen. The printing was an effort in practicing my Block lettering. (A lesson from Sandee from Frosted Designs)
The rest was just my brain working over time… and that can be
Hope you can fun with this too!!!
Party Animal

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