Clouds, Snow, Rain…


Our weather although not cold is having a very difficult time trying to figure out just what it wants to do today . Right now it is snowing. So what else is there to do but race to my craft room….

I was experimenting with my new Lindy sprays and these first 2 pages I did where very dark and I couldn’t decide what to do with them.. I had bought an old hymnal at he thrift store awhile back and thought maybe that would work… After I pasted them in and saw the titles of the hymns, the wheels started to turn (finally).  I created the anchor from black card stock, edged it with acrylic and then roughed it up a bit with my Inka gold…. tied some cord around it.  Found some mesh I had given me by Yvonne Gebauer,  that may resemble fish net, added a bottle and some glass beads to represent the floats.. and then to brighten up the page a little added some clouds and sea weed.. Did some script and there you have it..

We have an Anchor to hold on to even when we get tangled in the seaweed and netting.

I really wanted the picture to show up now instead of where it is but I will try another post and see if I can accomplish just that…… I am determined I will master the blog world even if it takes me awhile…..

oh my! now it is raining!!!!!!  roads will be slick tonight….



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3 Responses to Clouds, Snow, Rain…

  1. sandeeNC says:

    Hope you stay nice and warm and toasty inside making your beautiful crafts! Love your page!

  2. I am leaving some love on your new blog. I really like what you did with your journal page and a cute way to fix it.
    Sharon Estes

  3. Vicki says:

    I don’t have a blog. I will see how you fair and who knows I might take the leap. Love your new piece in Mondays Mixed Media

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