Just to ‘BE’

I had so much fun doing this piece.. I am experimenting with Lind’s sprays and as I sprayed and misted I could see the outline of landscape, well sort of… so I took my watercolor crayons and just started working at what I thought I saw… I also played with some gesso on the sky part.. .In my scraps I had a piece of paper I had previously sprayed so used it create the houses… Houses for my family and friends etc.. The seagulls were also a gift from a friend on Splitcoasts.. I am so blessed…
So hope you take a moment to look.. I so love mt time in my craft room and love all inspiration I get from you all… Thanks for checking in
Just to BE

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2 Responses to Just to ‘BE’

  1. This looks so beautiful!! I love your sky and hills and ground and love that you enhanced what you saw in your sprays and did a great job of pulling that picture out! Always love what you do!!

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