We Soar

Well I am still trying to get the hang of blogging and had to have a SOS call to my daughter Yvonne Gebauer last night. So will see what I can do to day..
I have been enjoying seeing the work of everyone on Facebook.
This time I am posting a challenge I attempted for a new site for me Journal52..
Each week we get a prompt to work on. Week one was ‘Up, UP and Away’. I am also experimenting with new LINDY Sprays I got for Christmas.. Needless to say I have had a few learning experiences that have not been exactly worthy of explaining.
This piece I started out by spraying the Background with a teal shade and a coppery color that was sort of over powering to my liking.. I used some modeling compound and stencil to add some dimension then sprayed again…
I sketched the balloon, colored it and cut it out… Still thinking the background was too dark I started playing with some gesso…. Added the tie down( cord) for the balloon drew some scissors and with my shaky writing added the script…..
I do have to apologize for the picture. The last few days here have been foggy and low clouds so the lighting is not good.. Love the comments that you so generously give and love checking out what you do too..
We Soar

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One Response to We Soar

  1. Your sky turned out great and I think I have to try this same technique with my Lindy’s sprays. Great hot air balloon…….you should draw me some….LOL. Luv ya and your page and am so glad you decided to post them to the Facebook group. ❤

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