A Little Folk Art

The sun is shining today and that has brightened my spirits a little. We have had fog for ages it seems.
This morning I have been busy in my craft room… Years ago I painted and sold German Folk art, and looking through some ‘stuff’ the other day I found some patterns and wondered how these would look on paper instead of wood or objects…..so….. I sprayed a page with Lindy’s Rusty Lantern Lime and sketched the design. I tried to keep to the colors of the original but memory fails me at times so all I can say it is close..
When I moved I sold most of my folk art patterns as I thought I would never do it again… duh…..
I do have to say I really enjoyed the exercise…
I will now try to navigate the posting. I hope you will have patience with me as I enter this new world of technology… Wow. who would have thought I would be even doing this.. It quite amuses me. Please feel free to offer any advise or tips… I would love that.. Thanks for your encouragement and comments..
A little folk art

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2 Responses to A Little Folk Art

  1. sandeeNC says:

    I love the Folk Art page, you do such a fabulous job with your art! I understand what you mean about learning new technology, for me, it’s been the making of videos and editing! lol

  2. This is so awesome mom and brings back memories of all the art work we use to see around the house and cabin. I love that you found this pattern. ❤

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