Take only Moments

As I progress along this journey of Art Journaling I am amazed how you start out with an idea and when finished it is something entirely different. One of the challenges I am involved in ( MIX51- Splitcoasts) we were to do a card or Art Page with ‘speed bumps’ meaning using either glue gun, modeling paste etc. something that is raised or slows you down was my interpretation.
My background is done with Lindy’s Sprays and touched up with acrylics. I sort of got carried away with the modeling paste but in away it gives the sky a whimsical look… The torn pages are from a an old hymnal and sprayed with Lindy’s The torn paper was also sprayed with the Lindy’s. Flowers in the background are modeling paste painted with acrylics. overlaid with some purchased flowers that I sprayed

I saw this little train awhile back when looking for some clip art and thought I have to do something with it, Since my family has always had something to do with trains. I have many stories to tell of experiences with my Grandfather, Uncle and Husband that every time I see a train it gives me a warm feeling of association.
So the quote seemed appropriate for this page…. All the memories are good ones and ones to treasure. Memories of people who make a difference in your life are treasures.

Take the memories. Leave nothing but a foot print.

Take only Memories

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2 Responses to Take only Moments

  1. Very cute!!! I love how you incorporate acrylic paints with your Lindy’s sprays. Very good idea and I’ve never thought of that! I may have to give that a try next time. Love your little train and I too think of special memories every time I see or hear one.

  2. Debbie Dunham says:

    So cute! Love all the bright colors and I love the sentiment!

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