Today was a day in my Craft Room and it was very enjoyable for sure.
There are times when a challenge from the Mixed Media sites that I belong to just are plain fun and this was one of them.
I do have to admit that I did have trouble deciding what to do with the background but once I had that solved it was just FUN.. Journal52 theme was ‘You make me Smile’. The first thing I thought of was a HAPPY FACE.. the whole concept grew from there..
A smile will usually generate another smile and it grows from there.. I added some flower petals the then decided add some of the things that make me Family, Friends, Blessings, flowers, birds, Road trips, Sunsets, Butterflies and then I ran out of petals… Guess all I am saying is it is the everyday things that make me happy and smile.. I feel very blessed in so many ways.
So…… SMILE and the world smiles with you is my motto for today…

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2 Responses to Smile

  1. I love this!! Great concept for a page and I love that you used each petal to portray things that make you smile. And you’re right….this did make me and my heart smile. 😀
    Luv ya mom,
    Yvonne. ❤

  2. You are so right, one smile breeds another smile, they are contagious! I love this smiling flower!!! It may be simple, but I think it’s perfect!

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