You are my Sunshine

First off I want to apologize for the picture. I have waited 2 days to post it. The clouds are so low we have to lights on most of the day.. so needless to say you get the flash and that fades the colors a great deal.. If I knew how to turn off the flash, it may help??? or not!!!..
Just a bit about the card.. I made the stencil of the rays sometime ago just out of some heavy cardboard and this is the first time I have used it. . I used acrylics to paint the background. (I will have to tell you the colors as you can’t really see them..!) The backgrounds is a very pale yellow and then I used a Butter yellow for the actual rays. I then gave them a little more definition with a yellow/orange.
The sun just needed a face!!!! Then I went to worked doing some doodling around the edge..
I did this for the MIX52 challenge on Splitcoasts. We were to use warm colors….
I hope this will warm your hearts just a little… all I can say is we really do need to see the sun soon. it has been awhile so this gave me a little joy just to think about it.
I do enjoy reading your comments and although there is no such thing as perfection you will see on my site, it is done with the pure joy of doing it. The quote is “You are my sunshine….You make me happy”
bYou are my sunshineut

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One Response to You are my Sunshine

  1. Yvonne says:

    I love this!! Great stencil….I may have to try and make one of these too. And of course the sun needs a face!! Lol

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