If want to BE

Well as stated in my last post the clouds have rolled in and I have waited 2 days to post so today is the day regardless!!!!!!. This page was done for the Journal52 challenge, week4.
I wanted to draw a face but that didn’t seem to work to well this time so I remembered I had downloaded a sketch of a face from Jane Davenport awhile back.. sooooo that is what I used.. I have been practicing drawing her, but this is her sketch.
I also just received my Lindy sprays from Frosted Designs so that is what you see in the background. They are so much fun to use.. I am amazed at what you can do with them. I decided I had to post this page because I kept adding to it… I thought once I posted maybe I COULD START ON SOMETHING ELSE..LOL
The brick at the bottom was some paper I had in my stash and I just distressed it a bit. I drew the flower pot and changed the flower colors about 3 times.. It was hard to match colors it seemed… Her dress was also a challenge.. Thank goodness for paint.. I found an old dictionary the other day so I torn a page and randomly tore it up and then glued the pieces together and sprayed them, then tried to form the dress, ugh hem. When it was together, I didn’t like the color but I liked the look of the print through the spray…so tried to do a wash over it, that looked like she had been dragged through the mud..lol…. so out came the paint… the print was gone (sigh) but I thought it was ok.
After all that, I needed to fill in that sky somehow… I do not have the abstract skills that some of you have so I drew and cut out a branch and distressed it, added some tiny bird die-cuts I have.
thought I was finished…. but nope.. the tree branch needed some leaves.. the branch needed some zen dangles and the border needed some darkening…. she ALSO needed something in her hair etc etc..
Well there it is and you would be laughing at me right now. My cousin sent me a CD of his band he plays in and it is the old time dance music.. I find myself typing to the rhythm of the music… Maybe I just should get up and dance…. la…la,…da…da..da…. want to join me…..

Now that was long winded and likely not making much sense, but there you have it…
May your day be the best.
If you want to BE

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3 Responses to If want to BE

  1. Yvonne says:

    I love this!! Great dangles…..love the brick…..the background colors…..the whole thing!! I think your face is just fine! I still need to do this weeks prompt….I have till Sunday, right?! Lol. 😉

  2. LOVE it, it’s a beautiful scene and the zendangles are perfect. I love her face, I think she is very fun looking! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  3. Thanks lovely ladies.. Appreciate the comments and I need all the encouragement I can get..

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