Amazing Love

This time I have tried to tie 2 challenges into one. ‘Monday nights with Tracy’ and ‘Sunday with Sandee’..
This really had a life of its own it seemed.. I started out with making the mug… I love this mug that I got for Christmas from my Granddaughter… The character on the front just makes me smile.. Frazzled and smiling and hair a mess…. ( what that says about Grand mothers I am not sure lol). Anyway the caption on the inside of the cup says “The bonds we have are everlasting”.
I did the background with a baby wipe and a few colors which I just played with until I got something I liked.
I tore a page from an old hymnal I have and tore the heart out.. Was sort of lob-sided but maybe they are the best ones..??? Gave it a wash of the same paint as the mug. I tried the charcoal pencil thing but I only have a HB2 and it really did not work…. so because it was sort of all one color I added scrolls to the heart and then added some red. Still sort of blah so I got out my chalks and used the dark blue to do the border and then added some to heart… I will set it by spraying on some Krylon.
The most amazing thing was when I really looked at the music I saw the Hymn that I tore out was ‘Amazing Love’…. Love when that happens….
I do enjoy reading your comments and may you be encouraged today.

Amazing Love

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6 Responses to Amazing Love

  1. Love how serendipitous the hymnal page was with your heart. It’s gorgeous, you did a fabulous job and I am honored to be included with Tracy ♥

  2. Sharon Estes says:

    My first time to visit your blog and leave some blog love, I really like this page and the colors are perfect for my taste, It amazing how we are encouraged by two such great artist.
    Sharon Estes

  3. This is one of my new favorites of yours!! I love the background and how it just blends together so effortlessly. Your heart and doodles within it is awesome and I LOVE that the hymn you ‘happened’ to choose was Amazing Love…..sooooo fitting for the page! That mug is honestly tooo cute…..and I’ve seen your hair first thing in the morning so can kinda see why the crazy haired person on the front of the mug….LOL. Amazing page created by an amazing woman!! Luv ya Mom!!

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