I Just Like to DOODLE

I had played with my Lindy sprays the other night and this particular page had so many shades of muted color blended together.. I had dried it with the hair dryer and the movement of the paint was just interesting. I sat and looked at it for along time wondering what to do with it.. I then picked up a fine nib Sharpie and stared at the top thinking I would just did a little.. but the little just kept creeping down the page.. In a few places I could see figures etc. but then the more I did the more I just liked where it was taking me.

When all done and the page was covered.. so now what.. I really liked it a lot just like it was. On talking to my daughter she suggested just writing a saying or something.. sooo….after trying to find something to go along with page I decided to just say what it was.. Plain and simple.!! I just left it as is and added ‘I just like to doodle’ and that is what you see.. An exercise like this is just good for the soul.. just picking up a pen and keep going.. what else can I say… Hope you have a great day.
Sometimes I just like to

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2 Responses to I Just Like to DOODLE

  1. sandeeNC says:

    I love your piece, for me it looks like a treasure map and you need to investigate all the doodles to see if something reveals itself. I love the sentiment which just fits perfectly!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  2. libbyQ says:

    fantastic~! i LOVE how this page turned out~!!!!~
    i was a little reluctant with the Journal52 ‘abstract’ prompt but ended up having a great time with it.
    so pleased to have found you and your beautiful artwork.


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