Crepe Paper flowers

I do have to say learning to navigate and THEN remember what you supposed to do is a challenge!!!!!
I had to call my daughter Yvonne to even get into this site this morning…..How about signing in she said to find the Dashboard… Duh Duh and Duh…. All in a day and a smile after the initial.. “O Yes I knew that” lol

Blue sky and sun today which is always a bonus when you live in a valley with a big lake. This year we had a lot of grey skies.

The Splitcoast YCDI3 challenge asked us to make Crepe Paper flowers. so I made 4 with different edgings… The video used glitter ( I am not a glitter fan so I used the easier method and used Gold Glitter glue on one yellow one…The other yellow one I tried to dribble some red alcohol ink. The 2 purple ones I used a small brush around the edge using Bleach… I think I like these the best.. It leaves a rather filmy edge. The centres are buttons that I also just added some Glitter glue to give them some glitz and a little dimension. This makes a fairly big flower. I would like to try some smaller ones.

Crepe Paper flowers

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One Response to Crepe Paper flowers

  1. You’re funny mom. I’ve done the same thing when I first started blogging so don’t put too many DUH’s in there!! Okay……LOVE these flowers!!! That yellow one with the red alcohol ink… fave. You’ll have to show me how you made the edges like that the next time we Skype. They’re beautiful!

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