Sunset in Progress

I am on a role today. It must be the sunshine we have today.
I was watching a video by The Frugal Crafter that showed her doing a demonstration on using the Inktense Chalks. I really wanted to try it as although I do not own that brand, I do have the stick chalks.
What I learned was that chalks are not very forgiving… Once you smudge, it is almost impossible to cover or correct. I also learned that you can use too much water and the paper pills… I did try to finish it but was not happy with it as all I could see was my mistakes… but I liked the scene…
I will have to try and find some tips on using chalks to paint with as the colors are so nice and vibrant etc.
I have used chalks for background etc but not in an actual scene.
Soooooooo I thought why not try it in my trusted acrylics. This worked so much better
I will show both- Ist the Sunset with Chalks. The shadows are all wrong and muddy etc etc.

Sunsewith chalks

Now the one with using acrylics… I feel I have way more control over what I do

I love doing a scene like this…so hope you enjoy it If you have any tips feel free to let me know… Ar for me is just fun and I would love to learn to be open and free with what I do.

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One Response to Sunset in Progress

  1. Holy cow mom…… These are freakin amazing! !! I love them both. You need to give me lessons one of these days. … lol.

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