just checking in!!!

Well, it has been awhile!!!! After celebrating birthdays and then having a bout of antibiotics, I have been MIA.
Now that things have settled down a little I have to try and catch up with a few challenges…
I have been trying my hand at actually painting, which I really do enjoy even if I rarely know what I am doing…
I will let you see what I have done this past week. I painted a couple of canvas. The first one was of Irises and the second one of a red full petal flower… I loved doing the backgrounds… I used acrylic paints.


Red bouquet

Then I got a little braver and did a landscape…. copied from an acrylic book I have.


So that was it for this week.. I am now ready to try to catch up to my challenges. It will have to wait until next week as I have an old friend coming for the weekend…. So until next time…. really enjoy your comments

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One Response to just checking in!!!

  1. These are awesome Mom. You know I think you’re super talented. Love what you do. ❤


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