I AM……

The challenge for Tracy’s Mixed Media Monday challenge was to a do a page was to do a page with the thought ‘I Am’. It seems all my backgrounds were so light and whimsical and I wanted to try to do something a little darker.. so dark t is.. I used a burnt Umber and a dove grey acrylic paint.. that was fine but then.. for the last week I had this template scroll on my desk so \I traced it and wanted to see f I could paint it so it looked like it was a laying on the paper…. I high lighted it with some Inka Gold; so after playing with that I sketched some flowers. Painted them… outlined them with a Sharpie and then a white Uniball pen. did some doodling around the flowers and lightly shaded that is with some water color pencils.
This very different from what I have been doing so really am not sure what I think.. thanks for putting up with my experiments…
I AM...
love to see your comments

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2 Responses to I AM……

  1. How cool!!! Love your background! I love that you share your experiments. ..lol. Beautiful flowers. …. fantastic background. … love it all!

  2. jo woit says:

    Love it! dito to what yvonne said… love that you share! even if you put it on the wrong page… or whatever you call them!!! LOL

    jo :O)

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