Playing with Alcohol Inks

What a great time I had….After pouring over the great Artists work on Pinterest I was almost intimidated to try any thing…. but I had received some alcohol inks for a gift a while back and really wanted to try something different.
So Starting out with my glossy paper and attempting a scene… by just using a couple of drops of color and adding a drop of blending fluid and allowing it wander over the top half part of my paper.. what great designs appear. You would never get the same one twice I am sure. Then you add the next color you want and see what happens.. The liquid can be manipulated a little but it really just does its own thing.. The tutorial I watched had removed the ink with a q tip to create the birch tree but I could not figure that out so I just painted it on with my acrylic paints.. I am quite pleased with it.

Alcohol Ink Scene

The next I tried was the Plaid background.. Again on glossy paper using the blending tool and stripes of the color you choose and some blending solution, you just swipe it down the paper and repeat until it is covered. Wait a couple of seconds till it dries and then swipe the other way.. The larger piece of paper is done on Cardstock.
Oops some how I did not load the picture right Sorry but

I want to show you also how Alcohol inks look like on metal… This is just tinfoil on piece of cardstock. All you do is just add drops of color after you emboss the sheet.. Very pretty I will make some cards with this for sure

Alcohol Ink on Metal
Thank you for looking…

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One Response to Playing with Alcohol Inks

  1. Soooo beautiful! !! You are so talented Mom. I love your work and how you never stop learning me techniques.

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