How does My Garden Grow

Journal52 #13 was a fun challenge for me.. Chelle Stien suggested in her explanation of her example of the prompt to try using a black page to paint on to add some depth to the piece… that is what I did I painted the page black. let it thoroughly dry an then added my background…. I used my acrylic paints again and sort of got carried away with the clouds.
Anyway I have been trying to use bolder colors. So taking some pointers from Mixed Media Mondays with Tracy Weinzapfel, I outlined my flowers and leaves with gesso then painted them in…
I found the little quote and knew that the page just needed some birds.
“Spring would not be spring without bird songs”.
I really had fun doing this and surprised I can really do some free hand painting… that is a revelation all in its self….
Goes to show you just have to do it!!!!

How does my Garden Grow

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3 Responses to How does My Garden Grow

  1. It doesn’t surprise me that you can free hand paint, all your work is flipping fabulous!

    • Thank you Sandee You are too kind… I will have to check with my computer advisor to see what I am doing with my sign to the blog. I appreciate your help… And I have been practicing my tracking…..and have made a little book for myself…. Love your work as well.. AWESOME…… !!!

  2. Love, love, love this page!!! This would make a beautiful canvas. 🙂 ❤ You know….for Christmas……for a certain daughter who loves your work….lol

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