Fridge magnets

I have been busy making some fridge Magnets for The Art Abandonment challenge….. I had some little wooden shapes that I painted and also some small canvas’ so did some simple scenes on them with a small quote… I have to package them up and tag them so I can actually do my first abandonment.. Should be fun.
Fridge Magnets (2)

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Roses and Daisies

So I think I should redeem myself after that last post!!!!!
This time I really wanted to try a painting from scratch…. I have had this calendar for ages and the pictures are so pretty of flowers and birds… I thought it would be so nice to be able to try and paint something similar….. Thanks to Kathy Arbor. and The Frugal Crafter and their teaching, I decided to try it out.
The calendar is huge so I tried to get the same idea onto a 6X4 watercolor piece of paper….
I am actually very pleased with the result… I never thought I could sketch and then paint something to remotely look like that….
I had some water color backgrounds so decided to use them and then back to my faithful acrylics for he flowers and birds…. I am now wondering… do I outline them in pen or just leave as is.. Please say what you think…. The afternoon just flew by but I did enjoy the effort….
I enjoy your comments….
Roses and Daisies

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Party Animal?

Journal52 Prompt15 was so fun…. I got carried away with just having fun. I have had a bunch of animal stamps that a Splitcoast friend sent me a couple of years ago so just went to town thinking of the different characteristics and tried matching them up with party goers behaviors was just fun..
It was also fun just to play and use the different mediums in the process.
The background is acrylics applied with a credit card. The coloring of the animals was mostly with my colored Sharpies. Doodles with my sharpie fine point and my Uniball white pen. The printing was an effort in practicing my Block lettering. (A lesson from Sandee from Frosted Designs)
The rest was just my brain working over time… and that can be
Hope you can fun with this too!!!
Party Animal

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Tulips in Spring

So another experiment in painting free hand…..Journal52 Prompt14 asked for rain or shine…something related to spring…. I thought of tulips right away.. Considered rain but had no idea how to depict that so went with the receding storm clouds or at least that is what I TRIED TO CREATE…
I just use my fingers to mess around with the clouds… The tulips are something like I used to do in the Folk Art I did years ago.. The brick I decided to leave white (Modeling Paste) as I wanted the flowers to be the focal point…If I was going to do this again I would Make the flowers larger and more to the centre of the page. But as I said this was an experiment!!!!!
The verse is on a stamp I have but the stamp is very small so I wrote it out

“Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time, Like the dew on a tip of a leaf.”

I tried to make dew drops on a couple of leaves and under the verse but I don’t think they show up very well… I used Diamond Glaze

I don’t think you can call this Mixed Media I did use Acrylic Paint, Modeling paste, and Diamond Glue.

Hope you like it Thanks for any comments you may have

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Dressed in Blue

Kathy Arbour is a an artist that I love to follow. Her U Tube tutorials are very good as well. Anyway this last week she posted a painting that REALLY sparked my interest so that sent me to my Art Journal and staring at that white page took a bit od courage to actually give it a whirl….
The back ground was started and by layering the stencils etc. I continued on…. The face took forever. I have trouble with abstract so putting blue on her face was a challenge…:). I have spent a while on this piece but have decided I am turning the page.. It is what it is and I have to say I am satisfied with it….Would love your comments and I have enjoyed the challenge.
Dressed in blue

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How does My Garden Grow

Journal52 #13 was a fun challenge for me.. Chelle Stien suggested in her explanation of her example of the prompt to try using a black page to paint on to add some depth to the piece… that is what I did I painted the page black. let it thoroughly dry an then added my background…. I used my acrylic paints again and sort of got carried away with the clouds.
Anyway I have been trying to use bolder colors. So taking some pointers from Mixed Media Mondays with Tracy Weinzapfel, I outlined my flowers and leaves with gesso then painted them in…
I found the little quote and knew that the page just needed some birds.
“Spring would not be spring without bird songs”.
I really had fun doing this and surprised I can really do some free hand painting… that is a revelation all in its self….
Goes to show you just have to do it!!!!

How does my Garden Grow

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A Day In My Life.

Talk about experimenting…. This would take the prize.. I lost count of how many times I changed the background…. This page has many layers.. So many I can’t even begin to explain.. lol
Journal52 had the challenge of depicting a day in your life… So…. After making my list and then drawing the little reminders and coloring them I tried to put it together.. .
I am not a person who schedules my days so they end up in varies ways… I am easily side tracked…
I have no idea why I have a blog site but it was a learning curve for me so that is a good thing to keep this ol’ brain active… Hope everyone has a great day.
A Day in My Life

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